Hydrangea Care Tips

How to help your Hydrangeas last longer?

These gorgeous and voluminous blooms are available here in Singapore almost all-year round. Find out how to make them last longer even in Singapore’s sweltering hot weather!

Hydrangeas are thirsty blooms that absorb water through their petals, stems, and leaves - basically every part of the plant! However, once out of water, they release a sticky sap from the bottom of their stem, sealing off the bloom’s ability to absorb water. As such, it is essential to constantly hydrate the bloom to ensure that cut stems don’t have a chance to seal. If you find your hydrangea wilting pre-maturely, try out this pro-trick! 

Our hydrangeas are placed in water tubes before wrapping to ensure that the bloom remains hydrated during delivery. Nevertheless, they need to be placed in a vase / container where water can be easily replenished. Simply follow the steps below to enjoy them for a longer time!

1. Select a clean flower vase.

Wash your vase thoroughly with soap to prevent bacteria growth.

2. Fill 1/3 of the vase with fresh room-temperature water.

Skip any home remedies such as adding pennies or lemon as these are not proven and may even shorten the lifespan of fresh flowers. 

3. Unwrap the bouquet and trim the stems 2 cm from the bottom.

Remove the wet cotton used to keep the flowers hydrated on their journey to you. To optimise water intake, cut at a deep diagonal angle to increase the stem's exposed surface area. 

5. Place your flowers gently into the vase.

Place the vase of flowers in a cool area under shade and away from heating vents or drafts. Remove any foliage sitting in the water as this will cause bacteria growth which shortens the flowers' lifespan.

6. Maintain your flowers every 2 days to keep them nice and fresh.

Clean the vase and refill it with fresh water. Don’t take the hydrangeas out of the water for too long. Otherwise, the sap may start to seal off the incision, preventing it from absorbing water. Simply refill the vase with fresh water and remove any debris sitting in the water to prevent bacteria growth. Trim the stems 2 cm from the bottom to expose new stem tissue for optimal water absorption.

8. Spritz the leaves and petals everyday.

As hydrangeas’ leaves and petals can absorb water, spritz them with some water to keep them hydrated and fresh!

    9. Enjoy them!